Most of the time we blame government for turning politics into something devilish and something we shouldn’t get involved with at all because just a pinch into politics to lead to unimaginable among of disaster. We blame everything  to the political system when the major problem lies on the people who actually cast their votes. A lot of Nigerians have come to the conclusion that the emergence of political apathy is the way forward to solving this. Politics isn’t something to be abandon just like oxygen is Essential to the continuous existence of life on earth so also is POLITICS. Most of the times politics to appear as an ugly game but what’s most important isn’t the beginning but the end . The state of Nigeria’s political phase has declined in recent years right from us attaining immunity from militaries dominance in the late 1990s.
Nigeria Politics During Pre-colonial Era (Early 1000AD)
The earliest form of politics was based on the rise of various empires in the sub-Saharan regions o…

Partial Lookout

Good day friends and well wishers.Its really nice to be able to create a platform where not only i can disperse credible information but also you guys being able to interact with you on all grounds.
So let me start with this few words of mine so we could get along easily on this space.

 Partial Look Out Various things are being thought about virtually everything about LIFE.Many ideas keeps flooding ones mind making it feels so difficult to atleast make a good impression about oneself in time. Our whole world is full of choices but most times we end up making choices that seems to be THE MOST ATTRACTIVE in our self imaginable Garden Of Eden.  So far so good,we end to broaden our mind to things that are virtually of less importance thereby neglecting the most important things we ought to focus more on in life.

 Generally, one needs to be focus one achieving something greater and not some virtual-is-tic things that brings about time wastage and productivity.
End Note: Well have a vital r…